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IH30 Sea Hawk Boats
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Sea Hawk Industries, Inc. Is proud to present our line of commercial grade boats for your consideration. Island Hopper, Sea Hawk and Pro, three of the greatest names in the commercial boat industry joined together at last.

One convenient location for your choice of these three legendary brands means one-stop shopping for the ideal boat for you. Whether you need a boat for commercial, charter, work or pleasure we can provide you with the best boat for your needs at a price you can afford.

We build boats for diving, charter fishing, commercial fishing, tours, ferry, military, law enforcement, parasail, crew, tow; essentially any commercial use. We also build recreational boats to commercial grade standards and all boats can be U.S. Coast Guard Certified. In addition, we now offer CE Certification on many of our boats .

We welcome you to our website and invite you to browse to your heart’s content. If you have any questions or comments or would like to discuss your particular needs with one of our knowledgeable staff, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.


A single engine USCG Certified Island Hopper 30 Ferry boat. Fitted with passenger seating, carry-space for small packages and an aft cart storage platform, this custom vessel carries residents and cargo to and from their island residences in comfort and safety.

  Island Hopper 30

Available in 4 different configurations plus your choice of inboard or outboard power. A rugged, low cost, low maintenance 30’ x 12’ workhorse.


     Sea Hawk 36

Also available in 4 different configurations, the SH 36 is a stable, dry, low maintenance, rough water boat. 36’ long with a 14’ beam it’s THE choice for dive or fish charters.

   Sea Hawk Pro 45

Comfortable, smooth, first class fit & finish. An accomplished revenue generator and the crown jewel of successful charter operators worldwide. 45’ long x 16’ beam.

  Sea Hawk Pro 51

Excellent stable platform for diving, snorkeling and tours. The trimaran configuration gives unsurpassed stability and versatility. Lengths from 30’ to 51’ with a 14’ beam.

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